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Paid online marketing campaigns are essential digital advertising methods that drive online traffic right to your door while simultaneously providing valuable insight into your website. Pretty slick, right? As a top PPC agency, Stikky Media offers paid search advertising services that will get your business goals achieved faster.

Paid Search Advertising Services

Pay-Per-Click Ads

Reach Customers via Display, Remarketing, Shopping Ads & more

We deliver honey for our pay-per-click clients every day

Why Invest in Google Ads?

Over the past few years, Google and Bing have decreased the real estate on the organic search results pages in favor of paid ads. The trend is moving towards paid search advertising because it is a valuable way to place e-commerce products directly in front of customers who are searching for them. Paid ads are getting more sophisticated – through dynamic search ads, Google does the heavy lifting and places your ad copy in front of the audience most likely to convert.

If you don’t have an online marketing strategy in place, paid advertising is a good place to start. You control what you spend, making it easy to get quality traffic to your website without a large budget.
Whether you are interested in a paid search, display, or re-marketing campaign, our paid search team are experts at keeping the cost-per-click down and the click through rate up.

In addition to the core services outlined above, our Paid Search services include:

  • Re-marketing campaign – reach visitors who have already been to your site to encourage them to come back
  • Landing page optimization – we build pages that convert
  • Keyword research – in conjunction with our SEO services, we maintain a comprehensive list of relevant search terms
  • Ad creation & testing – we carefully review and manage your ads, making adjustments to make your ad spend go further
  • Google Analytics integration – put all your data in one place

Why Choose Stikky Media to optimize your paid ads?

Our PPC team has significant experience in the paid search industry having worked for search engine giants and large brands. We can augment your existing marketing team seamlessly or run your paid search, display or re-marketing campaigns for you. Get in touch and let’s get started!