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Stikky Media offers a range of social media services that includes establishing and growing your presence on the major platforms. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Whether your primary social media goals are to engage with your customers, grow subscribers, showcase success, provide better customer service, learn more about your customers’ pain points, keep your brand top of mind or increase sales, our experienced team can help you achieve them.


Stikky Media social media services

Social Media Strategies to engage customers and grow sales

3.5 billion people are on social media. Join the conversation in your industry!

Our Social Media Services

Social Media Accelerator

With billions of active users, it's vital your brand has a strong presence on social media. We will grow or establish your presence across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and anywhere else your customers hang out. At Stikky we will customize a strategy that leverages your existing brand equity while helping you target and reach new customers.

Social Media Campaign

Whether you want to dip your toe in local waters or you want national or international exposure, our skilled technicians will customize a strategy and create a plan designed to generate the attention and engagement you need.

Paid Social Campaigns

Facebook ads are ideal for reaching a highly targeted audience - even down to the neighborhood! If your company is growing and your marketing team does not have the time or resources to consistently post and orchestrate a full and productive social media campaign, then consider opting for a paid campaign. This will save your team hours trying to gain and reach followers organically.

We deliver honey for our social media clients every day

Why invest in social media?

Having a social media presence is essential for your brand. It’s a fundamental requirement of an effective digital marketing strategy to understand your customers. By being active on the social media platforms they are on, you’ll gain insight into the challenges they are struggling with and what topics resonate the most.

However, before jumping in head first, it’s vital to understand the differences and strengths of? each social network, what types of audiences they are best suited for, and how to best utilize each of these social media platforms. For example, if you sell to other businesses, you should have a presence on LinkedIn. Younger audiences prefer Instagram. Twitter is great for building a community and staying informed on what your customers are talking about – it’s even good for customer service!

We have a comprehensive understanding of the top platforms and can guide your strategy for each.

Why Instagram?

71% of Instagram’s users are 35 or younger.

With over a billuon active users, Instagram is a social media heavyweight. Whether you sell to young consumers or are in a photocentric industry, Instagram is a great way to tell your story.

Why Choose Stikky Media?

Social Media has been a core part of our services since we were founded back in 2008. We are experienced, detail-oriented and experts at quickly understanding your target audience and delivering highly engaging and creative social media content consistently.

Our social media services will help you:

  • Select the best networks for your goals
  • Measure overall performance and social media ROI
  • Create a practical day-to-day content plan for networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Efficiently manage your online brand and business reputation

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